Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Gift Idea : Jewellery For Her

A beautiful delicate tri set comprising necklet, bracelet and stud earrings made of crystal. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Necklace 39cm Bracelet 19 cm Earrings 6mm.

Don't just say it, wear it. The words say it all..... “Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you have never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth.”

I have lots of jewellery, in fact I have a ridiculous amount of it, but I, like a lot of other women, am a magpie and always need want more. A lot of my current jewellery collection is cheap, it leaves my skin green, starts smelling after a while and doesn't have that sparkle. I am now getting to the age where I want to start spending a little more money on more quality jewellery. 

This tri set is gorgeous, it sparkles magnificently and doesn't catch on and scag clothes unlike the cheaper offerings of this type of jewellery. The perfect set to glam up any outfit. 

The love, life, dance, sing bracelet set is fun, fashionable and quality. These are something that can be worn both casually and with a more dressy outfit, something that would be worn a lot.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

29 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 30 weeks + 1 day into my journey and only have 69 days / 10 weeks to go! 

I haven't had much in the way of symptoms this past week, I'm now wearing dresses to work instead of trousers and a top and I really think that this has made a big difference to me. I feel so much more comfortable than when I did wearing trousers, I'm not sure if this is why I haven't been sick or if this is just a coincidence! 

My joints are aching again a bit which makes me think that it is definitely linked to the weather as it is now damp and miserable. 

I stayed the same weight wise when I weighed on Monday which means my total weight change is still -1lb. The Christmas chocolates and biscuits started coming in to work this past week so I have a feeling that the 'pregnancy weight' is going to creep on now! I actually still fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans which I am super pleased about, I don't even have to use a bobble to extend the button hole! They aren't the most comfortable though so I have just placed an order with New Look for some under the bump maternity jeans which I hope will be more comfortable. 

My bum is still hurting from my fall down the stairs, as soon as it starts feeling a little better I do something that seems to trigger it off again, for example I've discovered that walking up a lot of stairs  makes it really bad. Thankfully my arm has recovered from my whooping cough jab.  

Our little pudding at 29 weeks + 6 days \\ Spencer and I on Christmas Jumper Day, mine is an XL men's one as the women's jumpers won't go over my bump! 

I am so pleased with my scan bauble, I'll do a proper post about this soon \\ Finally got my hands on a Nutella & Go which was delicious \\ cracked open a box of Ferrero Rocher last night, my faves.

Felt a little crafty this morning and made this Christmas tree for my colleague (she has loads of decorations on her windowsill and I promised her I would make something to go there), this was made using bits from last year's Crafty Creatives Christmas box. \\ I also made this floral crown which took about five minutes! Tutorial coming soon. 

We had cooked dinners delivered to the door from a local cafe earlier, so tasty and so much food! It only cost £12.50 for the two including delivery. I can see this becoming a regular thing.

Pregnancy Appointment : 28 Week Midwife Appointment & Gestational Diabetes Testing

I had a busy week planned last week what with my diabetes testing on Monday, Midwife appointment on Wednesday and Whooping Cough jab on Thursday. Thankfully while I was at the Hospital for my diabetes test on Monday they saw me for my 28 week check up which meant that I could cancel Wednesday's appointment.

I forgot to take my notes with me and had several people telling me off about this (I think it was three in total), some were really hard on me about it saying that I need to take them absolutely everywhere as if I have an accident and have to go to Hospital I need my notes. I explained that my bag broke and I didn't have one big enough to fit them in, I would buy one on the weekend, this excuse didn't wash! I live just by the Hospital so I rang Spencer who was still in bed to bring them over before anyone else could tell me off! 

Gestational Diabetes Test.

I had to have this test as both of my parents are diabetic, as far as I am aware not everyone has it, just if there is diabetes in your family. My appointment was at 8am though it was delayed as there had been a bad accident and a lot of the staff were stuck in traffic. I wasn't allowed to eat anything after 10pm the evening before and was only allowed to drink plain water. I didn't take my vitamin and reflux tablets in the morning just in case, the hospital confirmed that this was the right thing to do. It pained me a lot to leave the house on 1st December without eating my advent calendar chocolate! 

The first stage of this appointment is having blood taken and then drinking a sugary, orange flavour drink followed by a glass of water, a lot of people told me that the drink is disgusting but to me it tasted like too strong orange squash, while it wasn't nice it was fine to drink. You then have to sit in the waiting room for two hours before having a second lot of blood taken, you aren't allowed to eat anything during this time. My letter said one hour in between tests and a maximum of two hours for the total appointment, this was wrong, the total appointment was more like three hours. Thankfully the wait wasn't too bad, the midwives kept coming in and chatting, one in particular kept offering to dance for me! There were also other people waiting to be seen who were friendly and chatty. 

I was told that I would receive the results in the post but as I had an unexpected visit to the Hospital on Monday evening following my tumble down the stairs I was given my results then, thankfully I don't have Gestational Diabetes.

28 Week Midwife Appointment.

I was told that they would perform my 28 week check up during the two hour wait but for some reason this check up was done after the second lot of bloods were taken! Despite my midwife being there I saw another midwife. Part of the 28 week check is to take your bloods, this was done while they were taking the blood for the diabetes test.

As I didn't know I was going to have my midwife appointment I didn't take a urine sample with me (you need to take a sample to every appointment), I was given a pot and asked to do a sample, that was tested there and then and came back clear. They gave me the pot back to re-use but thankfully they emptied my pee out of it this time! My blood pressure was also fine again.

My bump was measured with a tape measure and a new growth chart printed due to the first one having the incorrect due date recorded on it. Baby is measuring at 28cm which is normal, just the large side of normal, apparently this is nothing to worry about but I can't help but cringe a little at the thought of having a large baby. The doppler came out and I got to hear baby's heart beating away at 138 bpm.

I enquired about the dental exemption form as when I was seen at the Doctors I was told to ask for it at County Hospital, which is where I was. It turns out they don't have them there either, I have to ring and apply for one and they can take ages to come through. I was told that most Dentist's will simply accept my notes and to call mine and ask them if they will before wasting time getting a form. I haven't rung them yet as I have serious baby brain and forget to do things like that! 

I was told to book another appointment for two weeks time when I will be 30 weeks.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Idea for Girls : So...? Mini Body Fragrance Set

This cute little So...? mini set is available from Boots stores nationwide and for the bargain price of £2.99 and would make the perfect little stocking filler for girls. The set contains 50ml of each Eternal, Kiss Me and Sinful. The minis are perfect for popping in your bag for a quick freshen up. 

I'm no good at describing scents so here is the official blurb : 
So...? Kiss Me Body Fragrance is our best-selling fragrance out there with a bevy of awards and keen fans throughout the world! Notes of blackcurrant and citrus reveal layers of kissably sweet vanilla with a floral heart rounded by musk. This is the scent for all the flirty girls out there, who scream So...? Kiss me! 
So...? Sinful Body Fragrance is not for the sweet and innocent! With its enticing aroma, you will give into temptation as the scent twists your thoughts. Tantalising notes of pineapple, a warm floral heart of Violet, with a decadent base of creamy vanilla followed by the bitter taste of dark chocolate. Try, if you dare to be So...? Sinful. 
So...? Sexy Body Fragrance is the perfect fragrance to complete your look-at-me outfit. The fragrance begins with ultra-feminine top notes of mandarin and blackcurrant that were designed to captivate the attention of anyone you should meet. An aromatic heart brings together notes of rose and jasmine which blend deliciously with a creamy base of sandalwood and musk.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

28 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I am 29 weeks and 1 day into my journey and have 76 days to go. Things are starting to get real around here!

I've been back in work this week and my symptoms have also come back, being sick some mornings and feeling tired constantly. My joints still aren't as bad as they have been *touches wood* which I am now putting down to the beautiful, dry weather we have been having. 

I've been back to eating normally following on from my stomach bug and gained 3lbs this week bringing my total weight change so far to -1lb.

We had a scare on Monday night resulting in a late night trip to the Hospital, I fell down the stairs! Thankfully everything was fine. I had my gestational diabetes, full blood checks and my 28 week Midwife appointment on Monday morning, all of which were fine. I had my Whooping cough jab on Thursday which bloody well hurts, my arm is still aching and I am still struggling to sleep on it! 

28 weeks + 1 day here, this is my maternity Christmas party dress from Peacocks which I am super happy with \\ We're attempting to get ourselves ready for this baby, we bought a few cute bits today as well as the essential car seat and base \\ Absolutely love my Grumpy Cat calendar picture for December! \\ My sister bought us a lovely photo frame for our scans.

I've had a very festive week, my decorations are slowly but surely going up (very slowly as I get tired easily). I've had three Christmas dinners in three days, nothing exciting, just Tesco cafe Friday lunchtime and today and Wetherspoons with the girls last night. I've gone off quite a lot of things during this pregnancy but a good old Christmas dinner (thankfully) isn't one of them, although I did have to give my pigs in blankets away as they do not do it for me right now.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

I Won with My Christmas Wishlist App from Argos

Before I attended #CDFBloggersTea I, along with the other attendees, were given the chance to win £250 worth of toys from Argos. We just had to download their fantastic My Christmas Wishlist App and create a wishlist to the value of £250. I entered on behalf of my niece and nephew, my niece loved the app and although my nephew is a little too young to fully understand it he too loved playing around with it. It turns out that my niece and nephew were very lucky, I only went and won so they will be spoilt at Christmas this  year. 

The app is simple to use and has parental controls so that you can set the maximum price per item and the maximum amount of items that your child is allowed to enter onto the wishlist.  The toys are set into categories and the app plays a festive jingle while you are browsing, though you can turn this off if you so wish.

Once your child has finished choosing their gifts they then get to make their list look pretty, they can draw and write on it in various colours and also add numbers to the items to show the top items.

Once they have finished this they simply have to press on the envelope icon to send their list to the North Pole, aka, your email inbox. 

If you are still unsure of what to get for the little ones in your life I can highly recommend this app, it really helped me and my sister. 

Thank you for helping to make this the perfect Christmas for the children in my family Argos! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Gift Idea : The person who has it all

I always struggle to think of gifts for my darling husband, he tends to buy whatever he wants throughout the year so never really wants much for Christmas. As a result of this both myself and other family members will often buy him tickets for concerts or vouchers for things to do. The great thing about this is that they probably won't want to go alone, which means that you get to enjoy their present too, a pretty good gift to give in my opinion! These are some of my favourite vouchers/tickets to give :

Concerts/Gigs. People tend to be put off buying tickets for gigs as they are expensive, but they really don't have to be so long as  you don't choose one of the most popular bands. English Indie band alt-j are performing their biggest headline show to date at The O2 on 24 January 2015 and you can pick up these Alt J tickets for as little as £24.75. 

Afternoon Tea. I bought afternoon tea vouchers for Spencer's birthday back in February which we enjoyed last week. Most companies that offer afternoon tea will sell vouchers, they usually come really nicely presented too, and well, what is not to love about a delicious feast like this. 

Stadium Tour. A few years ago now I bought tickets for Spencer and I to go on a tour of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, he loves rugby so I figured it would be a good idea. This costs just over £20 for two and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, sometimes it is great to be a tourist in your own back yard! It also happens to be on offer on Groupon at the moment, you can view the offer here.

Brewery/Distillery Tour. My dad loves Whisky so for Father's Day we wrote in his card that we would take him to Penderyn Distillery for a tour, and that we would also let him pick something from the shop (within reason, some of their whisky costs over £1,000!). We actually managed to purchase the tickets for the tour from Groupon, where they were on offer for £9 for the four of us which was an absolute bargain.

What are your favourite gifts to give to the person who has everything?

*Post contains a sponsored link*

Baker Days Personalised Christmas Cake : My Thoughts & A Giveaway

What better post to receive than a personalised chocolate cake? The arrival of this certainly brightened up my day.

Baker Days letterbox gift cakes are designed specifically to fit through the letterbox (most letterboxes at least, my letterbox is very narrow and it didn't fit through). Prices start at £14.99 for a 12 x 2.5 cm cake which comes presented in a very pretty tin with little air holes so that your cake can breath.

My cake came with candles, balloons and a blowy thing (what are they called?) which I'm sure you will agree makes the perfect package for a special occasion. 

I chose the chocolate cake (of course), not only did it look delicious but oh my, it tasted very delicious! The sponge was perfectly moist and the icing beautiful.

Baker Days offer next day delivery if ordered by 2pm which makes them the perfect last minute gift.

I'm sure by now you're drooling and desperate to try your own Baker Days cake right? Well one of you can, for free! To enter you will need to tweet me (@xXxStundonxXx) your favourite ever Christmas gift along with #BakerDays and fill in the rafflecopter form below for a chance to win your own letterbox cake. 

Please note that the giveaway prize is not provided by me personally and I will therefore take no responsibility for missing prizes.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

27 Week Pregnancy Update

As I write this I am 28 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy journey and only have 83 days to go. Madness.

I've had a week off work which has been quite the revelation. I've been lying in, taking my time and chilling out a lot. This has had such a positive effect on me, I haven't been sick once, I've not felt tired, my joints haven't been hurting anywhere near as much, it really has been great! As a result of this I now want to start my maternity leave earlier but must resist, when I go back tomorrow there are only two months left so it isn't too long and I'd prefer to have more time off afterwards. 

I had a stomach bug last week which really wasn't very nice and left me not eating properly for a couple of days, to be honest my appetite hasn't been the same since but I'm hoping that once I get back into my routine with work I'll feel more hungry again. As a result of this bug I lost three pound bringing my total weight change so far to minus four pounds.

We celebrated our two year Wedding Anniversary in style with afternoon tea at The Angel Hotel, blog post to follow.

I mentioned last week that I quite fancied getting my hair cut into a bob, so I did. I feel nice and light after having all that hair chopped off. This is the first time in about two years that I haven't had ombre hair.

Another anniversary outing was to go and see The Lion King in Wales Millennium Centre, one of my favourite buildings. I must be the only person who didn't enjoy the show that much, everyone seems to rave about it but to be honest I found it a little boring. Maybe it's due to the pregnancy making me restless. I did enjoy my Nando's afterwards. 

We have made a start on our photo wall. I need to get quite a few more photos printed and added and also plan to add even more over the years, especially with baby on the way.

IKEA trip, I've gone off a lot of meat including the meatballs, this salmon was a very tasty alternative \\ Christmas cake by post - more details soon \\ M&S festive food breakfast buffet \\ Chippy lunch.

Kitty kept me company while I was suffering with my stomach bug \\ Kitty & Bob giving me the 'please' eyes because they wanted my food \\ Kitty likes to sit on my big warm belly \\ She also likes to sleep on our heads when we have family lie ins.

My bump at 27 + 5 \\ Upcycling cupboard doors to fit in to my work in progress nautical bathroom theme \\ wasn't sure what to do with my hair one day, one of the results of having it all cut off \\ I've done a lot of on-line shopping this past week.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Festive Foodie Treats with M&S

Just the other day I received a very exciting parcel from M&S*, I eagerly tore it open and kept finding delicious looking festive food treats which both Spencer and I could not wait to try. Spencer had literally been nagging me every single day for a little bit and got really frustrated when I told him no, I had to take photos first!

We received their Mulled Wine Spiced Fruit Loaf, a slab of Belgium chocolate, Clementine, Cranberry & Pomegranate Bucks Fizz, All Butter Panettone, a selection of mince pies, Christmas pudding cookies and last but by no means least the perfect stocking filler in the form of chocolate satsumas. 

On top of all of this we received a jar of raisins in dark rum syrup and a decorate your own gingerbread men kit. I'm currently trying to think of something to make with the raisins and waiting for my niece to help me decorate the gingerbread men.

As we've both taken this week off work we treated ourselves to a festive breakfast buffet, as pictured. We didn't eat much because it was all so rich and filling, but also all so delicious! Spencer took the rest of the Mulled Wine loaf and mince pies up to his parents house as they had short expiry dates so had to be eaten faster than we could manage. We're still working our way through everything else.

This would make for the perfect snack combination if you are having friends/family over for a Christmas night in.